iTunes + YouTube

Is the first thing you do when you hear a new song to look it up on YouTube? If you want to automate this, you can go to .

It’s based on the most bought songs on iTunes and refreshes the list each day. It automatically searches for the videoclip of each song. It’s a hobby project, (unlike other similar lists you can find which use referral links or display ads to earn mony) and is not monetized in any way.

I already created this years ago, but I had to remove it, as it took too much resources of the server (this site is running on a shared hosting account, it’s not really intended to host a database with millions of records in it). This is a updated version of that application.

Currently the lists of the following countries are checked: Australia, United States,Canada, Belgium, Italy and many more.

The site itself doesn’t track you or displays ads. It’s just because the YouTube player is embedded that it requests your permission to show the videos. If you reject them, the site will redirect you to the YouTube video page instead of playing on the site. The ads on the videos are those of the video itself, the only tracking cookies come from YouTube.

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